Hard water and hair fall

Hair Loss & Hard Water: A metropolitan lifestyle disease?

Ishani Appaya

What really is “hard water” and why is it so harmful? 

Water that we get in our homes is high in mineral & salt content. This water is usually sourced from borewells or reservoirs that are mainly fed by rain water.  Rainwater seeps through different kinds of rocks when stored underground, and therefore contains these minerals. This is what we use on a daily basis, aware of the damage it causes to our skin and hair, but often unable to do something about it.  

Is my water hard?

Do your notice - hard calcified green-white deposits on your bath fittings? White spots on your utensils? White-yellow coatings on your buckets and mugs? These deposits are called limescale and are a sure sign of Hard water.

Why is hard water so harmful for your health?

  1. Minerals and salts from the water get deposited on our skin, scalp and hair causing it to block pores resulting in dry itchy skin and scalp and dry, broken and frizzy hair. The coating of minerals on the hair prevents moisture from entering the cuticles and keeping them nourished, eventually resulting in severe and consistent hair fall.
  2. A lot of the products we use become less effective after reacting with the minerals in hard water. Scalp calcification is often a side effect of shampooing with hard water, which means your scalp gets coated with calcium carbonate. This prevents the follicles from getting the nutrients they need, and you will notice a constantly itchy and flakey scalp.
  3. Detergents too react with the salts in the water to form a sticky and soapy residue that does not wash off easily again causing this to deposit on your appliances, tiles & bath fittings. Over time, these deposits on your appliances, tiles, and fittings form white-yellow hard calcified stains all over your utensils, taps, mugs, buckets and even your water heaters.

How do I protect my hair and skin from hard water?

Dealing with Hard water used to be quite an impossible project. The options were home remedies like vinegar as a last rinse for hair wash or rinsing the hair with filtered drinking water. The other alternative is hard water treatment plants in the home or apartment blocks which are never popular given the expense of set up and maintenance.

An affordable, effective no-fuss option that tackles hard water issues are Shower & Tap filters; simple easy-install gadgets that can either retrofit onto your existing bath fittings or replace your old bath fittings. 



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