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WaterScience AERA WSA- 1221 is a water-saving nozzle& aerator that can save up to 80% water. It can retrofit on standard threaded taps and is easy to install. Made out of superior quality brass and built with a no-splash design, the AERA WSA makes water-saving easy, convenient and stylish.
  • 80% WATER SAVINGS:  Save up to 80% water from your kitchen tap, with a flow rate of 2 LPM ( at 1bar pressure)
  • FITS ALL STANDARD TAPS AND FAUCETS: Made out of superior quality brass; the AERA  can be installed on your existing taps/faucets without any hassle. Fits 24mm male and 22mm female threaded taps. Does not fit plastic taps.
  • NO SPLASH DESIGN : Designed with your convenience in mind. Straight flow ensures no splashing outside the sink.
  • PRODUCT CARE: Do not use harsh cleaning agents or limescale removal products for cleaning the nozzle. Periodically unscrew the nozzle from the faucet and clean it with water and a brush to remove any debris or any deposits. To remove limescale deposits from the nozzle, soak the product in vinegar overnight and clean it gently using a brush.
  • WARRANTY: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
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