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    Water Quality in India varies from locality to locality however the one thing that remains the same is that all water has a certain amount of TSS (Total Suspended Solids). TSS is a water quality indicator and high TSS indicates a high amount of mud, clay and sand particles in your water. These sediments can build up in your pipes, mesh and around openings, causing them to clog. WaterScience has created the RIO Main Line Filter MLF-621 to combat just that issue. Install this product in the mainline of your house and get instant sediment-free water. 
    Stay Clean with Clean Sediment Free Water. 
    • WaterScience RIO Main Line Filter MLF-621 is a 10-inch filter that removes mud, clay and sand particles from water. The filter is designed to remove particles that are larger than 100 microns in size. Recommended for water with high turbidity and total suspended solids content
    • Unfiltered water from the mainline enters the inlet of the filter. The water flows from outside to the inside of the sediment filter cartridge and sediments larger than the pore size of the cartridge are trapped inside and cleaner water exits the filter
    • Dimensions: Max Height - 327 mm; Max Width - 133 mm; Max Diameter - 107 mm. Connections: 1” female thread – Inlet and Outlet
    • The unit must be installed only by qualified technical personnel. The area where the unit will be installed must be dry and away from direct sunlight
    • Depending on the water quality parameters such as Total Suspended Solids and Turbidity, the filter cartridge can last up to three months with very little maintenance. Replace the cartridge when the water flow rate has reached an absolute minimum level
    • Made in India. For Indian water conditions


    KDF Technology, Member of the Global Water Quality Association and Indian Water Quality Association, NSF Certified Ingredients and a maximum rating of 3 Star by the IAPMO

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