Rs. 595.00

  • Recommended for water with high turbidity and total suspended solids content. The replacement cartridges are available in a pack of two and can be chosen from four cartridge options - 100, 50, 20 and 10 microns
  • WATER CONDITIONS: Filters sediments, sand, silt, rust and coloured water. Does not reduce TDS and hardness in water
  • 100 microns and 50 microns cartridges are of thread wound type which means they are better at filtering larger size particles. 20 and 10 microns cartridges are of the spun type which means they are better at filtering finer sediment particles
  • Please choose the cartridge depending on the quality of your water and the life that you expect from the filter
  • Flow Rate: 100 Liters Per Hour; Product Dimensions: Height - 254 mm; Outer Diameter - 62 mm; Inner Diameter - 28 mm
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