Shower Filters

What is a shower filter?

A shower filter, quite simply, filters your shower water. It goes on the wall outlet (like this) of your shower and filters out suspended and dissolved contaminants. 

Why shower filter?

If you live in the city, chances are you already know that the water in your bathroom is not really mountain springs grade. The increased rate of hair-loss, dry, sensitive skin and the limescale buildup on your tiles are all indications that it is not just H2O.

Your skin and hair meet their worst enemies every day. Chlorine and hard-water. While being one of the most common disinfectants, Chlorine is also an irritant and hence among the largest contributors behind dull, damaged hair and skin rashes. Dermal absorption of Chlorine draws away the moisture and oil that naturally formed by skin cells. Chlorine fumes can even cause respiratory illness and is also carcinogenic.

Hard-water has more than normal Calcium / Magnesium salt content and prolonged exposure leaves your skin and hair extra dry. The salts in hard water makes it difficult for soaps and shampoo to rinse off from the surface of the skin. Further, the salt deposit on your skin can block the pores in your skin and making your skin, scalp and hair dry and irritated. And then there is heavy metals like Lead and Mercury.

Needless to say, these lead to hair-loss, skin rashes and other dermatological complications.

Here's your solution: The WaterScience SF-W715 shower filter uses a unique 4-layer filtration system to make your showering experience refreshing and healthy!

The SHMP+Zeolite microsieve dual layer reduces hardness, filters micro impurities and prevents limescale buildup.  The patented KDF layer ensures that chlorine is reduced by up to 95%, apart from filtering out harmful contaminants like lead and mercury. Nano-Silver Activated Carbon removes bad odours and prevents bacterial growth, ensuring that you get cleaner, healthier water.