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Keep your washing machine happy! 

Washing Machine Filter:

  • Reduces limescale deposits on your drum and heating coil reducing maintenance issues, breakdowns and extends the life of your new washing machine.
  • The hardness conditioning layer prevents harsh minerals from damaging, stiffening and stripping colours from clothes.
  • More detergent. More fabric softener. Use less of both when you have a filter as softer water allows for soaps to lather better.
  • Save space with this 6 cm diameter x 7 cm height filter that can squeeze into small spaces.
  • Filter attachment can easily be fitted to any standard automatic washing machine.
  • Easy 3-minute installation. The product comes with a complimentary installation kit. No plumber is required.
  • Made in India. For Indian water conditions.

Washing Machine Descaler:

  • Descaler tablet- Protect your washing machine from hard water
  • Removes existing Limescale deposits & rust stains from the washing machine
  • Improves wash quality & prevents frequent breakdowns reduces power cost
  • Use one descaler tablet once a month for best results. Use 6 tablets for first-time use. One tablet is recommended for machines less than 6 months old for first-time use.
  • Suitable for Automatic Top load & front load machines with metallic drum
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