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Did you know that we waste 35 liters of water every day while we’re brushing our teeth or washing our dishes. This means you're wasting almost 4 months of your water usage every year! The solution is to retrofit outdated tap aerators with innovative water-saving and cost-saving solutions.

    • Old aerators waste water by allowing 10 to 12 liters of water flow out per minute. AERA can save up to 85% of water consumed in the mist mode without you even feeling the difference.
    • Lower water consumption means lower water bills! Using 85% less water means saving up to Rs. 2,050 per year - that’s twice the price of our product!
    • Pull the nozzle down for the Mist Mode & push it back up for the High-Flow Mode. 
    • Fits all standard taps of 24 mm size. 
    • Install it yourself within 1 minute. An installation kit is included with the product. No plumber is required.
    • AERA is made of brass, making it long-lasting and able to withstand wear for up to 3 years covered with a warranty.
      • A 4 cm attachment that you won’t even realize is there. No difference felt to the clearance space below the tap.


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      How To Install AERA:


      Warranty :

      WaterScience AERA Water Saving Nozzle WSN-721 comes with 3 years warranty. Warranty covers all kinds of manufacturing & workmanship defects.