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CLEO Multi-flow Shower Filter gives you a superior showering experience, with up to five different flow options. 

  • Showerhead with a filter inside that gives you clean water for your daily shower - Fits all standard  ½ inch shower arms.
  • Unique filtering system that removes the harsh effects of hard water and chlorine - helps reduce hair fall, dry skin and other dermatological issues
  • Mist mode feature: Saves up to 70% water every time you shower. 4 different flow options: Waterfall mode, Pulse Mode, Rain mode to suit your every mood
  • Easy 3 minute DIY installation. No plumber needed.
  • Prevents limescale and bacteria build-up and eliminates bad odour.
  • Affordable replacement cartridges with long cartridge life of 25,000 liters or up to 6 months (Actual life depends on usage and water quality)
  • Shower filters do not reduce TDS. Please reach out to us for any concerns or clarifications.
  • Made in India. Made for Indian water conditions.

MIZU universal tap filter is specially designed to remove dust, sand, rust and other impurities as small as 5 microns to provide you with cleaner, clearer water.

  • RECOMMENDED FOR HIGH TSS LEVELS: MIZU is recommended for areas with high levels of TSS (total suspended solids) in the water. This filter however is NOT designed to reduce hardness or TDS of the water. Input water conditions = TSS < 1ppm, Turbidity < NTU and TDS < 1000 ppm
  • EASY INSTALLATION: It can fit onto your kitchen, washbasins and bathroom taps and comes with 22mm and 24mm adaptors. Use the installation kit to setup your Mizu in under 3 minutes.
  • CARTRIDGE LIFE: Typical life of the cartridge is around 2-3 months, however this completely depends on the quality of water. Once the cartridge is dirty or the flow reduces, simply swap out the cartridge! Replacement cartridges are sold separately.
  • INCLUDED ITEMS: 1 Mizu Tap Filter, 2 Free Cartridges, 2 Adapters, 1 Spanner,  Warranty: 1 Year.
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