3 Tips to Rejuvenate After Diwali

3 Tips to Rejuvenate After Diwali

With Diwali behind us as we get back to our routines we may find that our hair & skin has gone lacklustre. While it brings happiness and cheers in abundance, festive times are usually not the best for our hair and skin. We deviate from our routines, for a well-deserved break, and sometimes we can feel the difference in our hair & skin.Here are a few steps to avoid the hair and skin disasters post Diwali that actually work.

1. Right Diet

Diwali is the time for sweets, and rightly so, but your skin may not agree. Not to worry, it is simple to get back on track! As many times as your mom may have mentioned, drink plenty of water. Hydrating helps you maintain your skin’s elasticity. Proper hydration helps improve your skin tone, reduces puffiness, helps remove sun burns quickly and prevents premature aging. Experts suggest paying attention to what you eat also results in better skin. Avoiding excessive sugar and adulterated food items and switching to food that contain Vitamin A, C & E, Zinc and fatty acids are helpful.

diet for better skin and hair


2. Spa Therapy

Allow yourself a relaxing time at the spa to help your skin rejuvenate and soften your hair. Aromatherapy is one such treatment that uses essential oils for therapeutic benefits.The aromatherapy is a once in a while solution for hair that over time can come heavy on your pocket. The quick and budget friendly alternative that you can get staying within the comfort of your home is an Aroma Therapy Shower Filter bath. The aroma from the essential oils relaxes your mind and the four layer filter helps reduce hair fall and protect your skin. Take your post Diwali rejuvenation seriously! 


3. Hair care 

Oiling nourishes the hair and prevents it from dryness and damage. The   exposure to heat, pollution and chemicals plus sweating may  leave the scalp dry.  The hair needs to be hydrated and a good deep conditioning session may help with that. Wash your hair with filtered water as hard water may exacerbate the dryness. 


Post- Diwali could be a  great time to change several habits, replacing them  with the ones that result in long term benefits for your skin and hair. Opt for effective solutions that can sustain you for a long time and help you get flawless skin and hair.


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