Cleo SFW 815 Shower Filter

We’ve all probably had conversations about poor water quality and how it affects our hair and skin. A lot of research has been done globally on the effects of poor water on your hair and skin. These studies confirm that Chlorine and hard water are among the leading causes for hair loss, dry-skin, rashes and other dermatological conditions. We have only tried and changed our hair and skin care products.

But, what good are your shampoos and conditioners, when the water itself is bad?

Everytime you shower, your hair and skin meet their worst enemies – chlorine and hard-water. Dermal absorption of Chlorine draws away moisture and oil naturally formed by skin cells. Hard-water salts block the pores in your skin, cutting off essential nourishment and moisture, leading to hair-fall, acne, and other dermatological complications.

The solution is to filter out harmful contaminants before it reaches your body.  And that is exactly what The CLEO Shower Filter does.

With its unique 4 layers filter with Nano-Silver Carbon and patented KDF technology from USA, the Cleo effectively fights chlorine and hard-water salts, giving you clean and healthy water for improved hair and skin! Along with reduction of chlorine and hardness, the CLEO Shower Filter also prevents bacteria growth, removes bad odours and keeps your bathroom floor & walls lime-scale-free.
Blocked pores and hair damage and breakage due to hard water
4 Layer filter for Chlorine and hardwater

Reduces hair-fall

Chlorine and hard water salts are among the leading causes for hair-loss. Chlorine draws away moisture from your skin and scalp leading to dryness, thinning, breakage and loss of hair. A 15-minute shower can absorb 40% more chlorine into your body than drinking 2 litres of the same water. This is because when you shower, heat opens your pores and allows the chlorine to seep into your skin – a process known as dermal absorption.
WaterScience Cleo uses patented KDF technology from KDF Fluid Treatment Inc. USA to eliminate up to 95% chlorine* in your water. Even at high flow-rates, KDF is exceptionally efficient at reducing chlorine. Additionally, the Nano Silver Carbon layer also helps in reducing chlorine – providing you with clean healthy water for hair and skin.

Protects Skin

Chlorine strips the skin of its natural oils, causing it to dry and crack, which can lead to wrinkles and darkening of skin. Even small amounts of chlorine can be harmful over time and causes premature aging. Dermal absorption of chlorine is known to aggravate existing skin conditions such as acne and eczema and sometimes leads to rashes in healthy skin.
Hard-water salts block the pores on your skin which can lead to acne, rashes and skin-allergies. Part of the Cleo’s unique 4 layer filtering system is the hardness-removal layer- a combination of natural MicroSieve Zeolites and food grade anti-scalant media, which ensures that hard-water salts are filtered, reduced and washed away and don’t stick to your skin. Cleo helps protect your skin and keep it healthy and youthful!

Prevents Bacteria

Bacteria and other microbes often colonize your showerhead and pose a health hazard. They can aggravate skin rashes, wounds etc. and showerhead biofilm could contain Mycobacterium avium which can be inhaled, leading to infections. This can be especially problematic for children. The patented KDF filtration media in your Cleo shower filter is bacteriostatic. It inhibits growth of bacteria / microorganisms inside the shower filter. The Nano Silver carbon has antimicrobial functions guaranteeing a safer, healthier and refreshing showering experience.

Prevents Bad Odour

Bad odours in water can be due to the presence of a range of contaminants. Most common are the chlorinous odour from bleaching powder used as a disinfectant and hydrogen sulphide which smells of rotten eggs. KDF is effective in elimination of these and several other odour causing compounds. In addition to this, the Nano Silver Carbon, is a strong odour-neutralizer. A refreshing shower, guaranteed every time.

Prevents Lime Scale

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium bicarbonate salts. When water dries, these salts tend to buidup and form stubborn deposits on your bathroom fittings, taps, pipes, and tiles. It is very difficult to get rid of lime scale as it usually requires strong cleaning agents and acids.

The proprietary hardness removal layer in your CLEO Shower Filter converts these stobborn salts into easily removable crystalline form and helps keep your bathroom floor & walls limescale-free. Most of the wash away with water, and whatever is left behid can easily be removed with regular cleaning liquids!


In technical collaboration with KDF Fluid Treatment Inc. USA

WaterScience CLEO uses patented KDF technology tested and certified for chlorine removal by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) who is a US water supply auditor and World Health Organisation.