hard water and faded clothes

Hard Water and Faded Laundry

Have you ever noticed that your clothes don't look as bright and colourful as they used to, even after washing them? Well, it might not be your fault! Sometimes, the water we use to do laundry can be a problem.

In this blog, we'll talk about how hard water affects your laundry and what you can do to keep your clothes looking fresh and colourful.

hard water and faded clothes

How Does Hard Water Affect Clothes?

Hard water contains high levels of Magnesium and calcium, which can interact with laundry detergent and fabrics in a way that leads to fading. Here's how it happens:

Detergent Reaction: Hard water can reduce the effectiveness of laundry detergents. The minerals in hard water can combine with the detergent and form insoluble compounds, reducing the detergent's ability to lather and effectively clean clothes. As a result, the dirt may not be completely removed from the fabric during the washing process.

Residue Deposits: Even after washing, some of the mineral residue from hard water can remain on the fabric. This residue can contribute to a dull appearance on the clothes, making colours appear faded over time.

faded clothes

Repeated Washing: Over time, repeated washing in hard water can exacerbate the fading effect. As more mineral deposits accumulate on the fabric and interact with detergents, the fading process can accelerate.

To mitigate the effects of hard water on laundry, use a washing machine filter. Let us see how can a washing machine filter combat the hard water effects on your laundry.

Washing Machine Filter for Hard Water

Washing machine filters can combat the hard water effects on the machine, without compromising the machine's life and wash quality.

iris washing machine filter for hard water

Mineral Removal: These filters remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water before they enter the washing machine. By removing these minerals, the water becomes softer, which can improve the effectiveness of detergents and reduce mineral buildup on clothes.

Protecting the Washing Machine: Hard water minerals can also accumulate inside the washing machine, leading to scale buildup in the plumbing, heating elements, and other internal components. Filters help prevent this scale buildup by intercepting minerals before they can enter the machine, thus expanding the lifespan of the appliance and reducing maintenance costs.

Protect  Clothes: By reducing the mineral content in the water used for washing, these filters can help protect clothes from the harsh effects of mineral deposits. 

Improving Washing Performance: With better and filtered water, detergents can lather more effectively and penetrate fabrics more thoroughly, resulting in cleaner and fresher-smelling laundry. Clothes washed in softer water may also require less detergent, further contributing to cost savings.

washing machine filter for ifb

WaterScience Washing Machine filters come with a hardness conditioning filter that reduces hard water effects along with sediments present in water. 

Use the IRIS Washing Machine Filter to protect your machine from the effects of hard water. This compact filter filters the water entering your machine preventing impure water from entering.

This keeps the drum clean and improves the wash quality leading to brighter clothes and a long-lasting machine.

Washing Machine Descaler Tablets

A washing machine descaler is designed to remove limescale and mineral deposits that accumulate inside the washing machine due to hard water.

descaler tablets for washing machine

Over time, these minerals can build up on the interior surfaces of the washing machine, including the drum, heating element, pipes, and other components.

Descaler Tablets remove existing hard water stains & scaling from the washing machine. 

Benefits of Descaler Tablets

  • Improves performance and life of machine
  • Better wash quality
  • Reduces breakdowns and power costs.
  • descaler tablet for clean drum

Washing machine descalers remove hard water stains and protect your machine drum from the damage of hard water. Use tablets once a month for best results.

For older machines please run 6 tablets for the first time.


Investing in both a washing machine descaler and a washing machine filter for hard water can significantly improve wash quality and extend the lifespan of your appliance.

By effectively combating the harsh effects of hard water, these solutions work together to safeguard your machine from limescale buildup and rust, ensuring optimal performance for years to come.

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