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Shift in Consumer Trends During Pandemic in the Water Filtration Industry.

Safety of 97% non-drinking water we use everyday.

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D2C startup WaterScience raises undisclosed sum from Velocity

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WaterScience Raises funding from Velocity

Velocity provides funding to waterscience

Innovations from WaterScience look at providing better quality water

Water saving taps and filter by Waterscience

WaterScience Raises Funding From Velocity

Waterscience raises funding from Velocity

Everything is impossible till it is done: Sudeep Nadukkandy, Co-founder, WaterScience India

Everything is impossible until it is done- Sudeep Nadukkandy

Hard water softeners to take care of your water quality issue

Hard water softeners by WaterScience

Arc Ventures, Japan’s Leave A Nest Team Up To Back Startups Solving India’s Pollution Woes

Arcnest to boost India's cleantech startup

WaterScience, Vital raise funding.

Waterscience raises funding from velocity

WaterScience For A Healthier And Cleaner Water

WaterScience for a cleaner and healthier water