About Us

Vision Statement

WaterScience aspires to be the leader and set benchmarks in water filtration, empowering homes with best-in-class solutions to foster healthier lives and a sustainable planet.

Mission Statement

WaterScience is dedicated to solving water quality and availability challenges through innovative solutions, delivering clean, safe water for daily use, and promoting health and sustainability.

About Us

WaterScience, founded in 2014, is committed to advancing water quality. We offer a diverse range of over 40 products across 7 categories, providing innovative solutions to home filtration needs. Our products include shower and tap filters for bathrooms, kitchen tap filters, hard-water filters for home appliances, whole house filters, water softeners, water-saving products, and home cleaning solutions for hard-water stain removal.
Our mission is to empower homes with best-in-class solutions, ensuring clean water for daily use, promoting health, and contributing to a sustainable planet. WaterScience aspires to be a leader in home water filtration, setting industry standards. With a presence in over 600,000 homes and serving more than 2 million customers daily since our inception, we aim to continue empowering homes with cutting-edge solutions.
Our vision is to foster healthier lives and contribute to a sustainable planet through accessible and effective water filtration technologies