is it safe to drink hard water

Drinking Hard Water? Is it Safe to Drink Hard Water?

Hard water is pretty common in many homes, filled with minerals like calcium and magnesium. But here's the thing – is it safe to drink? Let's break it down and see what's what.

Understanding Hard Water

Hard water happens when there are minerals, like calcium and magnesium, hanging out in your water. They get in there as water seeps through limestone and chalk. We measure the hardness in parts per million (ppm) or grains per gallon (gpg). If it's more than 60 ppm or 3.5 gpg, we call it hard.

Benefits of Calcium and Magnesium

Now, the minerals in hard water – calcium and magnesium – are actually good for you. They help with bones, nerves, and muscles. So, drinking water with these minerals is like a tiny health boost.

The Taste and Looks of Hard Water

Hard water can have a weird taste – some say it's a bit bitter or metallic. It leaves behind these crusty deposits on your faucets, showerheads, and appliances. It's not harmful, but it's annoying and means you've got to clean more often.

Monitoring hardness is crucial for understanding potential issues, as excessive mineral content can lead to adverse effects on plumbing, appliances, and even hair and skin.

Effect of Hard Water on Hair 

Minerals in hard water can cause other problems in your daily life such as hair fall, dry skin and limescale buildup in your pipes and taps. To mitigate the effects of these minerals in the water, use a water softener for the home or shower and tap filters. This can safeguard you from the harsh effects of hard water.

WaterScience Shower and Tap Filters

1. CLEO Shower and Tap Filter

  • For hard water, chlorine and sediments
  • Fits all taps, showers and hand showers
  • Comes with replaceable cartridges
  • DIY installation

2. Multi-Flow Shower Filter

  • For hard water, chlorine and sediments
  • 4 modes - rain, waterfall, pulse, and mist
  • Saves 70% water in mist mode
  • DIY installation

3. CLEO Shower Filter

  • For hard water and sediments
  • Comes with replaceable cartridges
  • Compatible with standard ½ inch shower arms
  • DIY installation

4. Aromatherapy Shower Filter

  • For hard water, chlorine and sediments
  • 3 modes - spray, mist & waterfall
  • 5 natural aromatic essential oil pads included
  • DIY installation

5. 10" Rain Shower Filter

  • For hard water, chlorine and sediments
  • Removes odour from water
  • Wide 10 inch disc for the best coverage
  • Self-cleaning nozzles for reduced maintenance

5. 8" Rain Shower Filter

  • For hard water and sediments
  • Wide 8 inch disc for the best coverage
  • Works  in low-pressure environments
  • Easy clean silicone nozzles for maintenance

Health Issues due to Hard Water

Too much of these minerals could lead to kidney stones, especially if your body is already prone to them. But here's the thing – it's not just the water; your diet matters too. So, it's a bit of a stretch to blame hard water alone.

To fix the taste and those crusty deposits, use RO Water Purifier. The technology in the purifier treats the water making the water purer to drink.

Drinking hard water is alright in small doses. If it's too much for your taste buds or you hate cleaning up the mineral mess, an RO water purifier is your go-to.

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