5 Remedies To Stop Hair Fall

5 Remedies To Stop Hair Fall

Everyone dreads the sight of hair fall whether it's on the pillow, bathroom floor or the hair brush. Hair fall is one of the most common issues globally and there are numerous reasons for this. This article contains some of the causes and the remedies for hair fall. 

What causes hair fall?

It is hard to attribute one particular reason for hair fall , but there are usually a few factors that are the culprits. In many cases, hairfall is a combination of a few of these factors and it is important to understand the common causes. 


Hair loss in many cases is genetic. If hair loss or baldness runs in your family history you are most likely to experience hair loss at the same age as your father /grandfather /uncles. For women baldness is a less common concern and the strength of hair usually depends on other reasons. 



Hair fall is also caused due to lack of certain vitamins and minerals in your diet. Nutrients like biotin, iron, protein or zinc are essential for maintaining healthy hair. 



Sleep plays a key role in maintaining good hair growth. Continuous Lack of sleep can result in hair loss. Consumption of unhealthy food and smoking are other external factors that affect hair fall.


Hair fall can be the side effect of some medication that you might be taking or were taking recently. Some antidepressants, mood stabilizer, blood-thinning medications and oral contraceptives can cause consistent hair fall. 



Water running on your taps and showers may contain calcium and magnesium that make up the hardness in your water. Hard water damages your hair and skin leaving them dry and dull after washing. 

Hair Products  

Hair products that you use for styling like gel, mousses and setting sprays can also cause hair fall. Dyeing, highlights, perming and applying excessive heat on the hair can also do the damage. If you wear your hair in a tight pull-back hairstyle for a long time, you are likely to have hair fall. 

Remedies for Hair Fall

Hair fall is quick , yet  its recovery may take more time than hoped. There are several clinical and natural treatments available to maintain good hair growth. 

Home remedies for hair growth

Natural treatments can be opted when you observe controlled hair fall with no alarming triggers. Applying aloe vera masks, massaging the scalp, applying coconut oil, Rosemary oil, Geranium oil, onion juice on your scalp can help maintain hair growth and development. 

Lifestyle Changes

Constant check on your diet, sleep patterns and exercise help reduce hair fall. Including omega fatty acid, minerals such as iron, zinc, B Group vitamins and plenty of protein helps reduce hair fall. Maximizing efforts to complete your sleep cycle, exercising and reducing stress on a daily basis through various mediums is suggested. 


Shower & Tap Filters 

 Hard water causes hair fall, dryness and frizzy hair. Hard water prevents your other haircare products from working well.  Using shower and tap filters to soften water helps reduce hair fall and prevents further damage. Your hair care products start to work better in filtered water. When fixing the causes of hair fall, a Shower Filter or Tap Filter is an easy addition to your hair care routine. 


Hair products 

Reducing the hair products such as gels and mousses will help control hair fall. Not exposing hair to heat and pulled back hairstyles can regenerate hair. This does not mean one should let go of products entirely, but that we be cautious not to overuse. 


Clinical  treatment

If none of the above work, there may be some other underlying reasons -  it is suggested to consult a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. There are different treatments that differ according to the type of hair loss and severity. Treatments like hair transplant surgery, laser surgery and other medication can help hair fall and delay balding. 


 Hair fall may seem daunting but some basic fixes will improve the situation significantly. Fixing the diet, hard water & lifestyle should be done before resorting to more serious attempts such as transplant.

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