Architectural Innovations for Water Quality in Modern Homes

Architectural Innovations for Water Quality in Modern Homes

In the dynamic landscape of modern homes, a common problem emerges—hard water. Hard water can cause various damages to the home ruining the aesthetics of bathroom tiles. This article explores shower filters and water softeners as an effective option for protecting homes against  hard water

The Complex Reality of Hard Water in Modern Homes

White Spots on Bathroom Fixtures and Tiles

Hard water stains ruin the fancy fixtures, making them lose their shine. Keeping them clean becomes a hassle. Glass shower doors no longer sparkle, making it tough for homeowners to maintain the seamless, beautiful look their new home had. Tiles in the bathroom appear faded due to the hard water spots. 

Limescale Buildup in Plumbing System and Reduced Efficiency of Appliances

Hard water leaves behind a trail of scale buildup - chalky residue that clogs & damages pipes and decreases water pressure. Modern appliances like washing machines and dishwashers work less efficiently and wear out faster because of the buildup of mineral deposits.

Impact on Hair, Skin and Laundry

Hard water gets harsh on hair & skin leading to loss of moisture, and dullness. The effects of hard water extend to the laundry room, where fabrics lose their softness and vibrancy. 

Unfortunately, that’s the reality, especially in bustling metro cities where water sources vary from one household to another, ranging from municipal water to borewell water. 

But the good news is that there are effective solutions in the form of shower filters and water softeners!

These are solutions that architects can recommend to homeowners to get rid of hard water effects, there are multiple options for homeowners to choose from depending on their requirements, budget and water quality. 

Architectural Solutions: Managing Hard Water

Shower Filters

The primary purpose of a shower filter is to remove impurities and contaminants from the water used in showers. The shower filters can replace any standard showerheads. These advanced shower filter systems can be incorporated into modern home designs. They not only combat hard water's impact on skin and hair but also remove scale buildup on fixtures.

Easily swap out your existing showerheads to instantly upgrade the bathroom. 

Wide ranges of shower filters are available from budget-friendly to luxurious options. Check out the range of WaterScience shower filters for a beautiful home!

1. Multi-Flow Shower Filter

Multi flow shower filter
  • For hard water, chlorine and sediments
  • 4 modes - rain, drizzle, pulse, and mist
  • Saves 70% water in mist mode
  • Compatible with standard ½ inch shower arms
  • Comes with replaceable cartridges
  • DIY installation

2. CLEO Shower Filter

  • For hard water and sediments
  • Comes with replaceable cartridges
  • Compatible with standard ½ inch shower arms
  • DIY installation

3. Aromatherapy Shower Filter

aromatherapy shower filter
  • For hard water, chlorine and sediments
  • 3 modes - spray, mist & waterfall
  • Saves 70% water in mist mode
  • 5 natural aromatic essential oil pads included
  • Compatible with standard ½ inch shower arms
  • DIY installation

4. 10 inch Rain Shower Filter

  • For hard water and chlorine
  • Removes odour from water
  • Wide 10 inch disc for the best coverage
  • Self-cleaning nozzles for reduced maintenance

5. 8 inch Rain Shower Filter

  • For hard water and sediments
  • Removes odour from water
  • Wide 8 inch disc for the best coverage
  • Easy clean silicone nozzles for reduced maintenance

Another option to combat hard water would be installing a water softener at the water inlet of the home.

Water Softeners

Installing water softeners at home enhances the water quality and protects the plumbing system inside the home. These water-softening systems offer complete protection from hard water damage. Softeners protect the bathroom tiles/ fixtures, safeguard appliances, and keep the house looking new.

water softener

Why are Architects recommending WaterScience?

WaterScience is a pioneer in non-drinking water filtration wide range of products designed to remove the effect of hardness from water used for bathing, washing, and other household purposes.

Architect Reshmi from Chennai found that the water quality was affecting her homeowners and was looking for a trustworthy solution for hard water problems. Here’s what she has to say—

“As an architect, I often encounter water quality issues in homes. WaterScience shower filters have become my go-to recommendation for homeowners, providing a simple yet effective solution for better water quality and a more enjoyable living experience. Not to mention, the bathrooms look new”

Architectural Integration: A Unified Vision

Water quality plays a pivotal role in both function and aesthetics beyond just a technical upgrade

Constructing excellent homes while neglecting the potential destruction caused by hard water contradicts the essence of thoughtful design. 

Beyond crafting spaces, architects act as stewards of resident well-being. The integration of water quality solutions becomes a cornerstone in creating a healthier living environment, improving the quality of life!

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