How Does IRIS Washing Machine Filter WMF 621 Work?

How Does IRIS Washing Machine Filter WMF 621 Work?

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IRIS is a sediment filter with hardness conditioning pellets all packed into a small 7 cm filter. This compact product was made to treat the water coming into your washing machine better and to save space around the household. The first IRIS filter we launched was a stepping stone for us to reach our new and improved IRIS Washing Machine Filter WMF-621. IRIS Washing Machine Filter WMF-617 was 12. 7 cm long, taking up almost double the amount of space with less than half the effectiveness of our new and improved filter. There are two main filtering components of the new IRIS washing machine filter that allow you to keep your washing machine happy!

Sediment Filtration 

Water in India, especially in cities such as Chennai, has high sediment and dust concentration that is not even visible to our naked eye. IRIS’ sediment filter can filter out particles as small as 5 microns in size. To put it in perspective, the filter can capture dust up to .005 cm in size. The human eye with perfect vision can see up to only 5 microns. Dust from the water can form layers around openings and clog machines in the long term, needing you to service the washing machine more often

Hardness Conditioning 

The hardness conditioning layer in this product is similar to the one found in all our other filters. This layer has the ability to convert sticky minerals like calcium and magnesium to ones that will easily slide away. The process of converting these minerals into harmless ones is called sequestration. Sequestration is the process of permanently removing certain elements from a mixture. The way it will be done for hard water is through a specific sequestration process called chelation. Chelation means to ‘grab’ or to ‘bind’, from this we can infer that the hardness conditioning beads grab onto hardness causing minerals such as calcium and magnesium and binds with them in a way where it is not reactive. Doing so allows the minerals to wash off instead of binding onto other surfaces causing limescale buildup. 

Limescale buildups inside your drum, preventing the water from draining properly and decreasing the effectiveness of your wash. Limescale can even build up inside the heating coils of your washing machine and intercept the heat dissipation to the water. You can reduce the impacts of both, extend the life of your machine and reduce the frequency of needing maintenance done on your machine with IRIS. Similarly, limescale buildup can affect your washing machine, it can cause your clothes to come out stiff and strip away the colours. This layer will allow your clothes to retain their integrity, come out softer and more vibrant. 

Get more use of your washing machine, clothes and detergents today by getting the new and improved IRIS Washing Machine Filter WMF-621!

Written By Shravya Nahar

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