The Hair Fall Remedy Nobody Talks About

The Hair Fall Remedy Nobody Talks About

 Shower & Tap Filters

Coconut Oil. Hair Fall. Tension. Stress. More Hair Fall. This is what everyone goes through when they first start noticing that their hair is excessively falling. The next step is obviously to go on Google and find the best remedies for hair loss so you can start implementing it in your own life. After applying hair masks, constantly changing your shampoo and conditioner, eating multivitamins, changing your diet and massaging your scalp everyday, there’s still hair fall.

So, what’s the one secret nobody is talking about? 

There is one variable we all neglect to look at before spending more money on that new shampoo, one element that we encounter and use daily without thinking twice about - our water supply. Hard water could be a big reason for affecting your hair and skin. Whether you get your water from the standard municipality supply, borewells or a tanker - the likelihood that you have hard water in your home is high. This water, although safe, is dense with minerals that leave those limescale marks on you often see on your taps and showers. They also cause adverse effects on your skin and hair which do not allow them to be at their healthiest.

Shower and Tap Filters

A shower & tap filter you can install in your home has a water softening filter specific to your water source. You can add it to your main line or to your shower head/tap. You can even buy a brand new shower head with a built-in filter that you can install yourself in 3 minutes! These water filters will turn the harmful chlorine, calcium and magnesium in the water into a harmless compound which is safe for you and the environment. 

Instead of the water you use stripping away the beneficial oils in your hair and skin, your new healthy water will help keep your skin and hair hydrated and nourished.

Written By Shravya Nahar

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