Wait, Is Your Tap Water Causing Your Skin to Break Out?

Wait, Is Your Tap Water Causing Your Skin to Break Out?

We all assume that the water in our taps is safe for us to use, which it technically is. However the water you may be getting in your homes may be hard or chlorinated, both of which are not good news for your hair and skin.


Dry Skin
When we wash our face with hard water, harsh salts tend to strip our skin of our existing oils which we need to nourish and maintain a harmonious environment on our skin. After stripping the skin, the water after it evaporates from your face, leaving a thin layer of these salts on the skin. It can be seen as a microscopic version of the limescale buildup you see on your taps and shower heads.

Hair Breakage
Similarly, this has an effect on the strength and the elasticity of hair. These salts strip our scalp and hair of their natural oils causing the hair to become brittle and break easily. We use products such as conditioners to combat these effects however hard water prevents these products from working to their full potential.

Prevents Skincare Products From Working
These then cause the effectiveness of the skincare products to also decrease. So those expensive skincare items you just got, don't have a fair chance of working as well as they could when you use it with hard water.


RO System For the Home
Some ways in which you can combat this problem is by installing an RO Filtration system in your home for your shower and tap water. However, this can turn out to be quite expensive and borderline wasteful. 

Boiled Water or Bottled Water
You could even boil your shower water before bathing with it, this will certainly eliminate the bacteria present in water, however it does not reduce hardness or chlorine. An alternate option is to buy cans or large containers of water for your bathing purposes. However this can be expensive in the long run and a little inconvenient to use.

Shower & Tap Filter - An easy Solution for hard water

 A cost-effective solution is installing a shower with an inbuilt filter or attach a shower and tap filter to your existing bathroom fittings. The four layer filter removes chlorine, conditions hard water and filters mud and dirt from your water. Clean, healthy water for better hair and skin.

Better hair and skin begins with better water 

When your water becomes softer, your soap is able to lather better, you can save your money by using less product in the shower and best of all, you’ll have cleaner and healthier hair and skin. 

Do bear in mind that there are many other issues that could be the reason for your hair loss and skin issues such as diet, stress and biology. Nonetheless, one major factor of skincare and haircare we all tend to overlook; is the quality of our water.

So tl;dr, is your water causing your skin to breakout? Potentially, yes. 

Image Credit: Photo by Praveen Kumar Mathivanan on Unsplash  

Written By Shravya Nahar

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