Check your Tap/Faucet Compatibility for CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter

The CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter is compatible with all standard 1/2" wall, overhead or hand-held showers, and with taps that have a 22mm, 24mm or 28mm aerator. 

To check if your tap will be compatible with the product, you may follow a simple 4-step process as given below: 

1. Locate the aerator at the outlet/mouth of your tap

2. Remove the aerator by rotating counter-clockwise. Use a spanner if required. 

3. Check the diameter of the aerator with a ruler or scale. 

4. Check if the aerator has male (threads on outside) or female (threads on inside) threads.


5. Choose the right aerator adapter for your tap

Usually, the 24mm Male Adapter comes by default with the CLEO Shower & Tap Filter box.

Other Adapters are available on at a nominal cost.