Returns & Refund

Return Policy for Home Delivery

  1. Any Product, purchased from our Website, except for our CLEO series (details provided below), can be returned to the Company within Seven (7) days from the date of its delivery,  by placing a Return request call with our Customer Care Centre by phone on 1800-121-0599 (Mon-Sat, 09:30 am to 06:30 pm) or by Email: and raising a ticket for Return.
  2. Our CLEO Products purchased from our Website currently enjoy a 60 days Return Policy
  3. Any Product purchased from the Website can be returned to the Company within its return period  only on the following conditions:
    a. if the Product supplied by the Company is damaged, defective, provided such damage is caused solely due to reasons of manufacturing defect/damage in transit; or
    b. the Product received is different from the Product that was ordered
  4. You will ensure that you do not accept the delivery of any Product whose original packaging is damaged or tampered in any manner
  5. If, on removing the packaging of the Product, You find that the Product is damaged and/or defective or is different from the Product that You have ordered, You shall immediately intimate the Company's Customer Care Centre about such damage/defect  or difference by evidencing the same with photos, videos  and the Company shall arrange for the replacement of the Product. In the unlikely event of the Company being unable to replace the damaged/ defective Product, the Company shall  refund the price of the Product collected by the Company. For any Refund or Exchange / Replacement of Product the relevant provisions of Refund and Exchange shall apply as given hereunder.
  6. Cancellation, return or replacement for reasons not attributable to the Company: In case of Cancellation (including Return/Replacement), of order after delivery of the Product(s) to You, for reasons not attributable to the Company, the Company will arrange for pick up of the Product to be returned. You are responsible to  assist and cooperate fully to return the Product with its original manuals, booklets, warranty card, accessories, freebies and packing materials or any other items that were delivered to You along with the Product being returned. At the time of pickup, You will be provided with an acknowledgment of pick up by the Company's Logistics  Partner. You should retain the said acknowledgment and quote or produce the same in all your  future communications with the Company in this regard. All free gifts, in original packaging as delivered, must be returned along with the Product in its unused condition, in case of cancellation of order of the Product with which the free gift(s) is/are given. 

Refund Policy

  1. Any cancellation/exchange in accordance with above terms qualifies for payment reversal/replacement of the Product depending on availability of the Product and your preference.
  2. The eligible  Refund will be initiated by the Company  within seven (7) working days of receipt of Request for Cancellation of Order, in case of Cancellation before delivery of the Products, or within 7 (Seven) working days after the Company's logistics partner picks up the Product(s) from the your place, in case of Cancellation of Order after delivery of the Product(s). However, it will be credited to your bank /credit card/debit card account, as the case may be, within such time as taken by the respective banking channels to process refund transactions. The Company shall not be liable for any charges levied by the bank for processing of the refund transaction and the same will solely be borne by the You.
  3. Any eligible refund will be initiated by the Company for credit into the same source account from where the payment was made by You. However, if refund to the source  is found to be unviable by the Company for any reason, the Company may request for your bank account details, and the Company will refund the respective amount to the said account provided by You. You agree that the Company at its sole discretion, may refund the amount to the source of initial payment  or to your Bank Account. You agree that, if  You do not provide the necessary details for the Company to initiate such refund, the Company shall have no further liability in respect of the same.
    Any returns made by You shall attract a sum of Rs. 99/- towards prick up charges, if such Product(s) being returned are picked up by the Company and/or its logistics partner. Here, You have an option to ship the Products being returned at your own cost. The Company may do away with the pick up charges, on a case on case basis as per the discretion of the Company.
  4. Interest Fee Reversal – In case of Cancellation of any Transaction due to any reason, whatsoever, and if there is any EMI Facility availed by You in that particular Transaction then, Interest fee debited from your account shall be reversed in accordance with the terms of the respective bank/financial institution and You hereby agree to resolve any issues relating to the same with the issuing bank directly. The Company recommends You to inform the issuing bank for the cancellation of the transaction and follow up with the said bank for the said refund. The refund of any Interest depends upon the stage of the transaction when it is canceled and shall be done in accordance with the terms of the issuing bank. The Company shall not be responsible for any delay or any issues relating to refund of Interest and/or transactions by the respective bank.

The aforesaid terms and conditions in respect to refund by the Company shall be referred to “Refund Policy.”