5 Shower tips for Indian summer

5 Shower tips for Indian summer

Summer in India is usually a time of scorching heat. Not all of us can escape to the hills to keep cool.  Taking a refreshing shower becomes a necessity to beat the heat and stay cool. Here are five shower tips for summers that can help you feel refreshed and energized:

Take a cold shower:
During the hot and humid summer months in India, taking a cold shower can be a quick and easy way to cool down your body. A cold shower can help lower your body temperature and reduce sweating, making you feel refreshed and energized.

Use hard-water filters: 
Summer season causes the skin to feel dry and itchy, where the overall tone and complexion will appear dull and uneven. The hardness causing minerals, calcium and magnesium in the water can make it worse. Use shower and tap filters especially designed to filter hard-water that help protect your skin and hair in the heat of the Summer season.

Use a moisturizing soap: 
The summer heat can cause your skin to become dry and flaky. To prevent this, use a moisturizing soap while showering. A soap with natural ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and glycerin can help keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from drying out.

Limit shower time: 
Taking long showers can lead to unnecessary water wastage, and during summers, it can also cause your skin to become dry. To conserve water and keep your skin healthy, limit your shower time to 10-15 minutes.

Use a refreshing body wash: 
Using a refreshing body wash during summers can help you feel more energized and refreshed. Choose a body wash with natural ingredients like mint, eucalyptus, or citrus, as they can help soothe and cool down your skin.

Pat dry your skin: 
After a shower, avoid rubbing your skin with a towel as it can cause irritation and dryness. Instead, pat your skin dry gently. This will help prevent damage to your skin's natural protective barrier, keeping it healthy and glowing.

In conclusion, following these simple shower tips can help you stay cool, refreshed, and healthy during the scorching Indian summers.

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