A Lazy Person's Guide to a Clean Home - Part 1

A Lazy Person's Guide to a Clean Home - Part 1


Keeping our home clean and tidy at all times is always a challenge. Especially if we are living with kids or other members of the family. No matter how hard you try, clutter seems to find its way through to your efforts. We usually find ourselves tidying up nooks and corners of the house at crucial times; like when you are expecting guests over or when the festivals are around the corner. 

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This article contains a few easy tips to keep our homes clean. For some of us who wait for the weekend to get thorough cleaning done and for some of us who have the help to clean our home everyday and we still need to put in our bit to set it all perfect. Here are a few things to keep in mind and apply while getting started.

Tips to clean your home

  • Don’t keep it for later
  • The first thing to keep in mind is to never procrastinate your chores. We often tend to keep a lot of things ‘for later’ which makes the next time more tough to get through. Cleaning is a habit developed over time. You can start with preparing your mind to think that later is no good. 

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  • One space at a time
  • Cleaning, depending on the size of your home, never comes easy for anyone. If you have accumulated cleaning tasks for weeks, you need a plan! You can begin with structuring chores according to the number of rooms that need cleaning and understanding which part of the room requires most cleaning. Take one space at a time and you’re good to go. 

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  • Time yourself
  • Timing yourself is utterly important while cleaning. Remind yourself how many days you have given yourself to clean your home completely, what are the other things aligned for the day, how much time should each chore take and how can you complete each task in less time and effort to completely optimize your day. Remember, you don’t have the leverage of time like you wished you did. 

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  • Free the clutter
  • You can begin with any chore that can be automated while you get your hand on any other chore. Like putting in your dirty clothes in the washing machine, starting up the dishwasher while you can simultaneously get started on other things. That’s where the decluttering begins! You can then free up all the spaces that are cluttered with things like table tops and shelves. Take all the things that are just lying around and place them where they belong.

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  • Bring a sparkle to your mirror & glass surfaces 
  • The cleaning efforts do not really give way to a good finish until you have sparkling mirror and glass surfaces. The mirrors in your bathroom usually accumulate hard-water stains built up that are tough to remove. This is one of those things that takes up most of your time. Get cleaning products especially designed to remove these stubborn white spots along with dust and dirt on the mirror and glass surfaces in just 2 minutes. 

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    • Clean your bath fittings with the right tools 

    Nothing beats the feel of a fresh and clean bathroom. A regular clean up doesn't tackle the hard water stains on the fittings & tiles. Use the right product for different surfaces to save up on the scrubbing time. You can use a mop, cloth or the scrubber depending on the product usage instructions. Use the right product on the right surfaces to save time and energy and don't let the stains ruin the look of your bathroom.

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    Cleaning hacks and tips are there to make cleaning more planned and time efficient. From a to-do-first list, to where to begin, where to end and what to use are often the challenges one never thinks through before cleaning. The last minute finishing touch that requires the right equipment and products are some things one must keep in mind as well. These tips and more to come shall help you maintain and optimize cleaning for a tidy home you always wanted! 

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