How a Shower & Tap Filter Helps With Hard Water

How a Shower & Tap Filter Helps With Hard Water

Have you been dealing with hair fall and dry/itchy scalp? Do your bathroom surfaces and your fixtures have white residue? You might be dealing with the consequences of hard water. Hard Water is a problem whether you use Municipality Water or even bore-wells as your main source of household water.

Hard Water

Hard water is high in its mineral content - especially in calcium and magnesium and is a problem all over India. It is a larger problem in the metros where overpopulation and lack of planning has put a strain on the already depleted water sources. Hard water, while inherently, harmless, can cause damage to your hair, skin, nails and even household items. Drinking water is the softest form of water that we interact with on a daily basis, however, it would be reckless to waste such a precious resource on washing and bathing purposes.


How do we effectively tackle hard water?

One of the most cost-effective and practical ways to tackle the problems posed by hard water is to use a bathwater filter. Any of the products from the CLEO range will effectively combat the hard water problem. Thanks to the KDF patented CLEO 4-layer filtration, the harsh chlorine, calcium and magnesium get turned into salts that are much less harmful to skin, scalp, hair or our appliances. There are four main layers that help with this.

Filter Layers

The Waterscience CLEO range is powered by our cartridge at the core which converts harmful minerals and chemicals in the water into harmless forms. There is a wide variety of products that would fit all your bathroom needs. 

You can attach our water filters to the mainline to your bathroom or your house, or to an already existing shower and tap or by replacing your entire shower head and giving your bathroom a new life. All our CLEO range of products are DIY and you can put it together in under 3 minutes.

The benefits of installing this product are hair-fall reduction, improvement in your skin (especially if you are suffering with acne or rashes) and many hours of your life saved from cleaning that leftover limescale that always makes everything look dirtier than it needs to be. All this really makes me wonder - how have I been living without a water filter this entire time?

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Written By Shravya Nahar

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