• RIO Mainline Filter’s Point-of-Entry system conditions hard water and traps sediments ensuring that the water that enters your home is clean and safe for all non-drinking purposes
  • Shields vessels, appliances, floors and tiles from the harsh effects of hard water
  • The anti-scalant layer prevents limescale deposits on fittings and appliances increasing their lifespan and efficiency

  • For locations with High Hardness, use with the CLEO range of products to fortify your home against the effects of hard water

  • Affordable replacement cartridges (1BHK - cartridges will last approx 6-9 months. Single kitchen or bathroom, cartridge will last approx 9-12 months. (Actual cartridge life depends upon Water Usage and Quality) 
  • Installation at Point-of-entry. Can be installed easily and quickly by your local plumber. Paid Installation Service provided by WaterScience in select cities