How Does AERA Water Saving Nozzle WSN-721 Work?

How Does AERA Water Saving Nozzle WSN-721 Work?

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If you’ve ever gone gardening or held a water hose in your hand, you must have noticed an interesting phenomenon. When you cover the opening of the hose with your thumb, the water tends to go through faster. This is the concept of continuity. When the surface area reduces, then the velocity of the moving particle’s increases. This is the concept used in order to make our AERA water-saving nozzles. 

Water flows into the nozzle where there is a smaller diameter opening for it to pass through, this change in diameter dimension causes water to flow at a faster rate - increasing the pressure of the water. However, at the same time, due to the narrow passage, less water is allowed to flow through making you a water conservationist, without even trying! The water that was going to flow out of your tap, now has better pressure, while allowing you to save water at the same time.

AERA Water Saving Nozzle WSN 721 comes with two flow modes so you don’t need to compromise on your water-related experiences. The high-flow mode is similar to the flow that we normally get from our taps. This mode allows for 40% water savings. The second mode is the mist flow where the water comes out of the tap in a mist-like spray, saving you 85% of water consumed. 

The atomized mist flow is a 12X wider spread compared to normal taps so water is more efficiently distributed to the plates/ hands etc enabling faster cleaning. A simple downwards tug of the water-saving nozzle allows you to swiftly interchange between the two flow modes. When you’re ready to change the flow mode again, simply push the outer housing of the nozzle back up! 

The nozzles we use nowadays are outdated and old-fashioned. It's time to change it up with new and innovative products made for today's day and age. 

Image Credit: Photo by Irene Davila on Unsplash  
Written By Shravya Nahar

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