Lazy person’s guide to a clean & tidy home- Part 2


Cleaning the house is usually tough on everyone. It consumes a lot of time and energy but there are ways to make cleaning easier too. Here is a guide to maintain a tidy home after a thorough cleaning. These tips help make cleaning more efficient and help maintain an overall neat look in the house.


Tips to keep your home clean 

  • Constant check on free spaces for clutter

Have you noticed that every time we free the empty spaces off of clutter, the house feels cleaner? The free spaces like table tops and shelves usually tend to clutter easily. The habit of placing all the needless items on these spaces accumulate clutter. Make sure you place them where they belong straight after use and be mindful of free spaces around home. Simplicity and minimalistic arrangement and lots of free space is always a safer choice. 


  • Have a place for everything

One of the most constructive tips is to organize a place for everything in your house. Not only does this help you find things right when you need them but it also helps clear up spaces and look tidy. You can neatly organize your things using organizer boxes, bags, drawers and shelves. Neatly fold and arrange things for more order and cleaner look.

  • Attend spills & stains immediately

Don’t ever leave spills and stains unattended. Depending on what and where it spills, getting rid of them later becomes more difficult. The stains tend to stick on fabric surfaces more. You can tend them by soaking sponge or cloth with water and pre-washing stain remover, liquid laundry detergent or liquid detergent booster.

  • Keep your appliances clean 

Cleanliness also means clean and shiny appliances. Your fridge, coffee maker, washing machine and dishwasher need care too. There are many ways to clean the appliances. One of the most convenient ways is to use descaler tablets for washing machines and dishwashers. They help clean, remove hard-water stains and free bad odor from the machines. 

In addition to this, using a filter for washing machines and dishwashers can prolong the life of the machines. They filter hard-water, dust and sediments from the water making your appliances more efficient.

  • Pay attention to the ‘final touch’

Cleaning is incomplete without a perfect finish! Make sure you put in your final touch to get things gleaming. Use cleaning liquids to clean surfaces and tough stains like hard-water stain remover sprays for taps & showers and for glass & mirrors for shiny finish. Takes only 2 minutes for all your last minute cleaning. Finally, a quick scan around all the rooms and making sure everything is spotless and is in its place should do it.



Cleaning and maintaining a clean house is no longer laborious if you follow a few steps to maximize your time and effort put into cleaning. A wholesome and fulfilling process of decluttering, organizing, appliance cleaning and adding the final touch for a satisfying cleaning experience. 

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