Moving to a new home? Here is everything you need to know about the water

Moving homes is always exciting, although it can be stressful. There are a myriad of things to get used to in the new home and one of the important things is the quality of water. A change in water quality from your old home will be perceptible to you in many forms- the taste of water when you drink or brush your teeth, the feel of water when you take a shower & the effect of water on clothes, utensils & bathroom floors and appliances.

Here are the things you need to figure out before you make the move

Understand Source of water
As a first step before making any decisions related to water, understand the source of water for your new home. Sometimes it is the borewell within the property, sometimes it is borewell from elsewhere thats delivered by tankers. You could also be getting Municipal/metro water from your city. Speak to residents or your apartment association to figure out the sources of water that your new home will be getting.

Estimate the water quality
Once you have figured out the source, it becomes easier to understand the quality. Although water quality tends to vary across seasons, even from the same source, it gives you a good anchor to work on. A majority of cities in India get hard water in borewells. Cities within the municipal limit typically get Metro water which is not very hard (Cauvery water in Bangalore, Krishna water for Chennai, the lakes in Mumbai etc) but they are treated with chlorine, to be made free of microbes.

Figure out the impacts of hard water
Drinking water filter is a given if you are looking to be able to get uninterrupted drinking water in your homes. The non-drinking water impacts your well-being. Chlorinated water is generally safe but irritates your hair and skin when used continuously. Hard water is bad not just for hair & skin but for your appliances, vessels and floors etc. It also hinders your hair & skin products from working well.
Decide your priorities
Do you want to get filters just at the point of use or would you prefer systems that work across the house? Is hair & skin your top priority? Do you feel your water quality seems alright but you are not sure of the tank or the sump and think it may be muddy? There are a wide range of options available these days- Shower Filters, washing machine or appliance filters, kitchen tap filters, filters for the whole homes etc. You can research and understand which filters are suitable for your requirements and pick the right ones according to your needs and budgets.

All filters will require a change of cartridge every few months to ensure water quality is maintained. Non-drinking water filters purify your water with a short contact time, and their efficiency improves at lower pressures. Pick the right filter as per your water quality and you can enjoy good quality water for a long time.
Water saving
As overpopulation and urban migration put a strain on our water resources, it becomes imperative for us to work towards saving water in our daily use. Water saving aerators, water saving shower filters would go a long way in reducing water consumption, thus improving the water availability across. These are simple devices that are fit & forget- your 2 minutes can save millions of litres annually, not to mention will reduce water bills significantly.
When moving to a new place, always understand the water quality and take the right steps to get the best of your water. Better hair & skin begin with better water. Don’t let a new city or a new place lower the wellness of your family.
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