CLEO Shower and Tap Filter

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Get a CLEO Shower and Tap Filter
Unique 4 layer filter to condition hardwater & filter chlorine.

Better Hair and Skin begins with Better Water!


Made for the Indian water conditions
Trusted by 150000 families.

Say hello to a clean, healthy refreshing shower!

Reduces Hairfall

Hardwater salts stick to your scalp and skin, blocking pores and leading to hair breakage. CLEO conditions hard water salts, reducing hairfall due to hard water.

Protects Skin

CLEO uses patented KDF technology to eliminate up to 90% chlorine from the water, leaving you with clean healthy water that nourishes your skin.

Prevents Bad Odour

CLEO KDF layer and nano-silver carbon layer remove bad odours and prevent bacteria forming on your showers and taps, making your shower healthier.

How CLEO Works

CLEO uses a unique 4 layer filter with patented KDF technology to eliminate contaminants in your water

What our satisfied customers have to say about CLEO Shower and Tap Filter

Value for money.

We observed below changes within 2 weeks post installation,
1. Reduced hairfall
2. No skin related issues like dryness, ithing due to hard water
3. No white layer of minerals on water containers
4. No white layer of minerals on bathroom floor

Prashant Jadhav

Installation of the filter is very easy, we just need to attach to the tap

The hardness of the water decreased to a considerable extent and now the water is usable for the home purpose. One of the main damage could be caused due to hard water is hair fall, initial days, I also suffered from the hair fall issue, after fixing the Water Science CLEO water filter, now I am feeling much better. I like the product and recommend to the people who are struggling with hard water. The customer service is also good and the deliver is excellent.

Shrikanth Thirunahari

Soft water with compact filter

Waterscience Shower & Tap Filter is excellent innovation in getting soft water from your tap. Overall packaging is excellent and complete - don't need any plumber help for installation. Within 1 minute you can attach this small -compact filter to your shower or tap with kit provided in the box. Water softness improved and you get clean water with good foam from your soap. Less hair falls and better washing of clothes are natural benefits from soft water you get from Waterscience filter. Just go for it for cleaner and softer water !


It really works !

It has been almost 5months since I 've got this installed in my shower and I could see quite a lot of difference. It did reduce hardness. Again, I live in a coastal place and you can imagine how hard the water really is but not anymore. Thanks to WaterScience team for coming-up with such an affordable solution. It's easy to install and maintain as well. My skin is happy now and same is with my hair. I'd recommend to give it a shot and see if it works for you but remember patience is key. Good luck!


Installing a CLEO is easy, no plumbers needed

Ready to Get Rid of Hair Problems?


Will this fit my tap? How do I know if this will fit my tap?

CLEO comes with 24mm and 28mm adapters which fit most of the available tap designs in the country. If your tap is a different size, write to us and we will send you the adapter free of cost.

Will this product reduce TDS?

Shower Filters, including CLEO do not reduce TDS. CLEO works by converting stubborn salts into their harmless forms. So your water is healthier even with the same TDS.

How do I know this product works?

You can do an acid wash on your bathroom to remove limescale before installing CLEO. After using CLEO you will notice a significant difference in scaling on your floors and buckets. If its not on your tiles, its not on your hair!

When will I see a reduction in hair fall after using CLEO?

You should notice a difference in hairfall within 4-6 weeks of using the product. However there may be other factors impacting your hairfall such as diet, stress, sleep etc. CLEO is not a medical device for hairfall, its an upgrade to your water quality.

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