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We’ve all probably had conversations about poor water quality and how it affects our hair and skin. A lot of research has been done globally on the effects of poor water on your hair and skin. These studies confirm that Chlorine and hard water are among the leading causes for hair loss, dry-skin, rashes and other dermatological conditions. We have only tried and changed our hair and skin care products.

But, what good are your shampoos and conditioners, when the water itself is bad?

Everytime you shower, your hair and skin meet their worst enemies – chlorine and hard-water. Dermal absorption of Chlorine draws away moisture and oil naturally formed by skin cells. Hard-water salts block the pores in your skin, cutting off essential nourishment and moisture, leading to hair-fall, acne, and other dermatological complications.

The solution is to filter out harmful contaminants before it reaches your body.  And that is exactly what The CLEO Shower Filter does.

With its unique 4 layers filter with Nano-Silver Carbon and patented KDF technology from USA, the Cleo effectively fights chlorine and hard-water salts, giving you clean and healthy water for improved hair and skin! Along with reduction of chlorine and hardness, the CLEO Shower Filter also prevents bacteria growth, removes bad odours and keeps your bathroom floor & walls lime-scale-free.